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Post op jaw surgery or Trauma surgery recovery



  • NO chew diet for minimum of 4 weeks. 
  • If your jaw is immobile with wires, maintain on liquid/purée diet.  
  • Start with liquid/purée diet.  When jaw opening improves, the patient can transition to NO CHEW spoon fed (i.e. yogurt, eggs, mashed potatoes, jello, over cooked meat loaf , etc.).     
  • Maintain adequate fluids throughout the day.  When consuming sugar content, please rinse with water or brush after consumption.  


  • Avoid strenuous lifting/activity that can lead to jaw pain.  General guideline, no lifting over 30 lbs.  
  • No jogging/running activities during the first 4 weeks.


  • Brush at least twice daily or after each meal.  
  • If your jaw is wired closed, please keep all wires clean by brushing. 
  • Ice pack should be placed over the jaw/face on both sides while resting at home for the first several days. 
  • In the beginning, consider baths over standing showers to avoid any dizziness that can occur. 
  • Lips will swell from prolonged stretching during the surgery, thus apply Vaseline or other lip moisturizers as needed.


  • Sleep with head elevated with pillows or on a recliner.

If upper jaw (maxilla) was involved: 

  • For nasal decongestion, use Afrin nasal spray as instructed for the first 3 days followed by saline nasal rinses.   
  • OTC Sudafed can used in conjunction with the nasal spray for additional decongestion.
  • If dried up blood clot remains around your nostrils, it can be cleaned with 1:1 mix of hydrogen peroxide and water.  
  • Episodic nasal bleeding or discharge of old blood clots after surgery is expected. 

Please call with any questions to us:

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Or after hours please call the Surgeon who performed your procedure:

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  • Dr. Kazwell (515) 231-2573
  • Dr. Cho (515) 520-9924

If your surgeon is not immediately available to answer your call, please call the hospital operator to transfer the call to ON CALL oral surgeon:

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